Welcome to the Columbia Student Residence!

Only a heartbeat away from all the attractions and hot spots including Robson Street, Stanley Park, Chinatown and many others you will find yourself in an area full of life, offering pubs, clubs, restaurants and shopping.

303 Columbia Street,
Vancouver, BC,
Canada V6A 2R7




The completion of the transcontinental railway in 1886 transformed the muddy streets of Gastown into the bustling burg of Vancouver. The economy shifted too. The frontier of exploration and settlement soon gave way to an economy increasingly based on resources extraction. By the time the Columbia Hotel opened her doors in 1908 the province was booming.

Indeed the hotel was built specifically to service the hardy lumberjacks, miners and fishermen who regularly converged on "town" to blow their bounty on a bit of comfort and relaxation. Nearly a century later the Columbia Hotel continues to provide a soft end to the hard road. Weary travelers will find affordable rooms, comfortably appointed, at the end of their journey.